Grades 5 – 9) schools are accustomed to the fact that pupils / students do not write off, because it will be more expensive!

Grades 5 – 9) schools are accustomed to the fact that pupils / students do not write off, because it will be more expensive!

This was reported by AIN.UA.

Antiplagiarism has concluded agreements with the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULES), the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” (NU “LP”) and the Lviv Commercial Academy. Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, higher education institutions have received free access to the software and are now testing its quality. They can check the originality of student works by comparing them with others from the Internet and the university’s internal database.

The software instantly provides a report with a percentage of uniqueness and matches, links to web sources of material and a history of inspections.

The Antiplagiarism team has developed algorithms that can recognize quotes of different styles, find paraphrasing, character replacement, synonymization, and more. Text matches are not necessarily plagiarism – teachers consider each case and make the final decision individually.

In a comment for AIN.UA, the Antiplagiarism team said that the working group met about two years ago. It was then that the idea of ​​the project was ideas for personal narrative born. Programmer Yegor Melnikov (who now holds the position of chief engineer) began working on the idea, which eventually became the essence of the project. Development is ongoing, the first prototype was ready in the summer of 2014.

The project works thanks to the investment of a private Western investor, who asked not to disclose the amount allocated to “Antiplagiarism”. About 10 people from all over the world are currently working on the project together with specialists, whom the investor has connected for the development of the project (marketing, strategy, sales). The project is already working in Western markets. They have two areas – b2b (universities and colleges) and b2c (students).

Antiplagiarism is also working on a number of free educational projects, such as integration with Google Books and collaboration with the University of People. One of the goals of the project is to create an all-Ukrainian database of student works for free testing, which could be used by all educational institutions in Ukraine.


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Writing off is no longer a problem, but a basic means of carrying out educational “activities”

Q. White: academic integrity is not needed

Author: Vladimir Bely, Deputy Director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

Ukraine and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

The day after tomorrow, I have couples in the first and second groups of lyceum students 11-B, on which they will write a scheduled thematic certification (magnetic field and alternating current). Because there will be half a class in each pair, they will sit at the table one by one. And all the time, thinking about my own, I will be constantly looking around the classroom, so that they do not hope again and again to try to spy somewhere. Dozens of thematic posts and articles were born in such working episodes – thoughts about important things tend to arise during the deconcentration of attention.

Why am I writing about this?

And because during the contract work abroad, from a certain moment I realized that there is NO need to closely monitor the local lyceum students during the certification. They have been taught from primary and basic (5th to 9th grades) that pupils / students do not write off, because it will be more expensive!

At the same time, how can we teach our students to academic integrity, if everyone knows that such virtue is not needed in the university segment, and not only in it, but also in almost every area of ​​adult social “activity”: it’s there, in “Europe” they don’t write it off, but in our country everything is different: “if you want to live, be able to spin.”

What kind of informal entry into the EHEA can we talk about, if in the national practice the problem of writing off and plagiarism has become not so much a problem, but rather a basic means for carrying out educational “activities”.

When you try to raise this topic, 99 out of 100 immediately move to another plane under the “reinforced concrete” argument – if you listen, you will have to close almost every second “university”.

He recently came from our lyceum pedagogical team, who has been working as a teacher in the system of higher state education in the Czech Republic (IT segment) for five years and defended his doctoral dissertation in Kyiv.

But despite the fact that for the last three years he has unexpectedly come out on top in the ranking of publications in reputable scientific journals for his Czech colleagues, his Ukrainian doctorate in the Czech Republic is not recognized.

And all because the world knows what our national and national attitude to “spears”, plagiarists and imitators in education, and therefore they do not consider themselves obliged to look for some really real in the pile of our pseudo-diplomas.

A real solution to all segmental problems of reforming our education is possible only if we first introduce really effective institutional barriers to student writing, postgraduate plagiarism and pseudo-state attestations / accreditations. And first of all at the top of the system – in universities and authorities.

Everything else in the context of the reforms is a waste of effort, or simply hypocritical means of chatter aimed at maintaining the neo-feudal status quo in education. By the way, in other segments of socio-economic “activity”, in particular the voting of laws in the Verkhovna Rada or the upcoming elections, in fact the same is true.

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There is a threatening situation in Ukraine caused by academic dishonesty

The BP committee thought about how to defeat plagiarism

Ukraine plans to launch a project that will help create a culture and infrastructure of academic virtue. This was discussed during the meeting of the Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Science Lilia Grinevich with the Counselor for Press, Education and Culture of the US Embassy Conrad Turner, the press service of the committee reports.

In particular, the subject of discussion was academic virtue, which is one of the necessary prerequisites for ensuring the quality of education and reforming higher education.

The participants of the meeting considered opportunities for future cooperation in the field of academic integrity in the framework of a project being developed by the American Councils, which plans to cover a number of Ukrainian universities.

According to Konrad Turner, the project aims to draw the attention of Ukrainian students and teachers to the threatening situation caused by academic dishonesty, as well as to provide all involved in the learning process with the necessary tools, skills and strategies to eradicate this phenomenon.

At the same time, the participants expressed confidence that academic dishonesty should be considered not only as plagiarism, write-offs or bribes, but also as other negative manifestations, in particular, the use of technology with dishonest intentions and helping others to obtain the desired assessment or result dishonestly.

“It is the creation of a culture and infrastructure of academic virtue that is necessary to ensure that information about this component of reform, as well as tools and mechanisms, is preserved and used in the learning process to develop and maintain an environment of academic virtue … And the creation of a course of academic writing is, of course, one of the extremely effective steps in the framework of the project under development, “said during the meeting the head of the relevant parliamentary committee Lilia Grinevich.


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The Academic Integrity Project will change value approaches in higher education

The integrity project in universities is being implemented by Americans

The Academic Integrity Project, which aims to eradicate the values ​​and practices of dishonesty in the academic process, will be implemented by the American Councils for International Education with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine. This was announced during a press conference dedicated to the launch of the project by First Deputy Minister of Education Inna Sovsun and Counselor for Press, Education and Culture of the US Embassy in Ukraine Konrad Turner.

As Inna Sovsun noted, the main goal of the reforms implemented by the Ministry of Education is the quality of education, which cannot be ensured without the principles of academic integrity by all participants in the educational process.

“To ensure a high quality of education in universities, we also need to change the values ​​and practices that have been ingrained in the system for decades. It is necessary to build new relations within universities, which will be based on the principles of integrity, mutual trust, respect and responsibility, “said the First Deputy Minister.

She also said that the project to promote academic integrity in Ukraine is aimed at qualitatively changing the value approaches and guidelines in higher education.

According to her, the primary task of the Ministry of Education in this project is to develop an appropriate regulatory framework, and its implementation will be carried out by the American Councils for International Education with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

In turn, the Counselor for Press, Education and Culture of the US Embassy Konrad Turner noted that libraries will become an integral part of the project.

“The library is a center that can spread information about both virtue and plagiarism,” said Conrad Turner.

According to him, it is also important to participate in the project of employers: they can motivate students to better education and decent behavior, emphasizing that such employees they would like to see in their companies.

According to the projectator Taras Timochko, 10 Ukrainian higher education institutions coordinated will take part in the pilot stage.

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