So freely translated: “married, damn”

So freely translated: “married, damn”

Which shoe care for which shoe?

As many different types of shoes and leather as there are, there are also so many variants to properly clean and care for the individual shoes. 

Suede, suede, suede or nubuck 

Suede shoes are also colloquially called suede shoes. These shoes are colored through, which means that in many cases it is sufficient to remove dust and dirt with a brush. There are special copper wire brushes to roughen the material again after brushing or damp cleaning. If your shoes have small scratches, you can treat them with special erasers. Then you should impregnate the shoes – appropriate sprays usually also contain care substances. 

Smooth and brush leather 

These leather shoes, which are often provided with polishing wax and shine, should be cleaned of surface dirt with a soft brush or a damp cloth. Finally, apply special creams or emulsions to the shoes. After pulling in, you can rub the shoes bare again with gentle pressure. 

Patent leather

To remove coarse dirt, you should use a damp cloth or sponge on patent leather shoes so as not to scratch the shoes. From time to time you should also use patent leather oil or lotion to protect the lacquer layer from drying out. In this way you can keep the leather supple and protect it from cracks or breaks. 

Nappa leather with a metallic finish 

Metallic-look shoes are particularly popular in spring and summer. Nappa leather coated with a metallic finish absorbs a lot of moisture. The situation is different with foil-coated leather. However, the two variants are difficult to distinguish from one another. You should therefore always use waterproofing spray and mild emulsions for care. These freshen up the gloss effect. 

Metallic finish shoes: Nappa leather with a metallic finish absorbs moisture particularly quickly. (Source: Igishevamaria / Getty Images)

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Skins and material combinations

Many winter shoes contain animal skins or combinations of other materials. These are best cleaned with a brush and vario sprays and cleaning agents. Make sure that you use cleaning and care products that are suitable for the individual materials and only use them on the appropriate places on the shoe. 


Sneakers and sports shoes, in particular, are often not made of leather, but of textiles. These absorb moisture and dirt very intensively. Thorough, repeated impregnation not only protects against wet feet, but also makes cleaning easier later. You can gently remove light soiling with a textile brush, stronger dirt is best with textile foam cleaners. You should also pull your sportier shoes onto a shoe tree to dry them.  

Sources used: Own research DSI – Deutsches Schuhinstitut GmbH: "Tips for correct shoe care"Sioux Germany: Shoe knowledge / shoe care more sources show less sources

Hamburg (dpa) – presenter and author Sarah Kuttner (41) is happy not to be involved when Til Schweiger her novel "Kurt" filmed.

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"I briefly considered this when I was filming my first book, and they also let me work on the script. At some point I decided to keep my hands off it. Because I noticed: I can’t. I don’t know how film works"said Kuttner of the German press agency.

Still, the Berliner Schweiger wanted to subvert a few things for the film. "I would like to cheat on a song or two. My plan is also to get my little bitch Penny in there so that I will be delighted at the cinema all the time later "penny" can call. I think we already have that in the bag. And then there are three different things that belong to me privately and that I want to hide in the film. Because they mean something to me and someone else", revealed Kuttner.

The "Extra 3"-Moderator on Instagram tearfully declares how much she likes the script by Vanessa Walder and Til Schweiger. She doesn’t have sleepless nights that the film could flop. "Nobody will blame me if it doesn’t turn out nice and nobody will blame me if it turns out nice. Til should do his thing with it. I’ll give him the baby and have him invent something new." "Kurt" is the fourth novel by Sarah Kuttner, it was published by S. Fischer Verlage in March 2019. It tells the story of a blended family whose child dies.

In March it became known that TV presenter Sarah Kuttner and her boyfriend were engaged. Now the former face from the music channel Viva is posting a picture on the "Marry" stands.

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The 41-year-old announced in March that she had proposed marriage to her boyfriend. Sarah Kuttner is now on Instagram again on the subject. She seems to have an appointment for her to say yes. However, it is not really concrete again, because the former Viva presenter always keeps her private life out of the public eye.

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A post shared by Sarah Kuttner (@diekuttner)

Only the word is on the Instagram post "Marry" next to a green dot. It looks like a section from a larger picture. The accompanying text does not provide much more information either. "Marriage date is set. (Mama, kiekma: ick am already big!)", writes the moderator.

Fans suspect under their photo that Kuttner has already married. "In your favorite city with your favorite mayor as registrar?"asks a follower. Many of her almost 62,000 followers congratulate Kuttner. "Great idea! Never regretted it!"says another. "Oh, I’m happy for you", congratulates another fan of the "Xtra 3"-Face.

However, Kuttner does not elaborate on her contribution. Shortly thereafter, she posts two more posts in her feed. But these two of their dogs come to the fore.

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How long Kuttner has been with her partner is not known. You also don’t know who the man by your side is. Because only from stories in your podcast "The little television ballet", which she does with Stefan Niggemeier, listeners know about Kuttner’s friend. Kuttner said there that the two of them had been living together for a while, she just mentioned him "the roommate".

Sources used: Sarah Kuttner’s Instagram profile

Sarah Kuttner has a new show on MTV. (Photo: dpa) That can be exciting: Sarah Kuttner is returning to the music broadcaster MTV with a new broadcast format. In "Sarah & the Others" the presenter will dive into a different subculture in each new episode and want to find out what truth and cliché is, reports "".

The new format is planned for 2009, but the exact date when the program will start is not yet known. Kuttner will face a new challenge every time in her new show: She visits biker gangs or, for example, immerses herself in the Gothic or bodybuilder scene. That promises interesting encounters and bizarre situations.

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Return after two years

Sarah Kuttner had her own personality show on the music broadcaster, which is simple "Kuttner" called. A good two years ago, the 29-year-old left MTV and switched to PayTV and public service. Most recently, she moderated the three-part show in the summer "Kuttner’s classifieds" in the ARD and the PayTV station Sat.1 Comedy the show "Slam tour with Kuttner". Photo show The "General purpose weapons" the broadcaster – these presenters are annoying Photo Show Top Ten Biggest TV Moments Photo Show The Real Stars on TV Are you a TV junkie?

Cosmetic surgery continues to be a trend among Germans. Women in particular are open to it. A survey shows the currently most popular interventions – liposuction is no longer number one.

The willingness to undergo cosmetic surgery has grown over the past ten years. While every sixth person between the ages of 16 and 65 could imagine such an operation in 2010, it is currently one in five, as a published survey on behalf of the Kaufmännische Krankenkasse (KKH) showed. Women between the ages of 30 and 44 in particular are open to cosmetic surgery.

The currently most popular cosmetic surgeries

The wishes of those surveyed, who generally support cosmetic surgery, have changed over the years: With 35 percent, liposuction was first on the wish list in 2010, as the KKH further reports. Today, however, eye corrections are the most popular at 32 percent.

Liposuction (25 percent), face lift (20 percent), correction of the double chin (17 percent) and Botox injections (14 percent) rank among the currently most popular interventions. Breast augmentations, on the other hand, are pretty much out: in 2010 22 percent wanted this procedure, now it is only 5 percent.

Fear of risk decreases

At the same time, fear of the risks of the operations decreased in the comparison period. According to the survey, only half are currently worried about possible complications such as scars or pain. Ten years ago it was two thirds.

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The analysis was based on two Forsa surveys commissioned by the KKH. In January 2010, 1,001 people between the ages of 16 and 65 were surveyed. Exactly ten years later, 1,004 people in the same age range were surveyed.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Did she say yes? Ex-Viva presenter Sarah Kuttner cheerfully hints at her Instagram account that she had married. In March, the 41-year-old said she had got engaged.

First the engagement, then the wedding. Everything very simple, one might think. But anything is possible with Ulknudel Sarah Kuttner – even a faked wedding with her dog, who is so often staged on Instagram. The ex-Viva presenter speaks in her youngest "Wedding"-Postings again from your four-legged friend. That be "Maid of honor" it says in a picture where the little ball of fur smiles at the camera.

On Saturday (August 30th, 2020) the rumor mill on Instagram started to simmer. Kuttner posted a picture of himself with a sweater that said "married as fuck" wore. So freely translated: "married, damn it".

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A post shared by Sarah Kuttner (@diekuttner)

Among other things the "Prince Charming"-Winner Lars Tönsfeuerborn then congratulated the moderator in the comments: "Cordial mantles", he wrote and the actress Lea Marlen Woitack followed suit. A second picture also showed a car with the obligatory rattle cans tied at the back. There is also a bouquet of flowers stuck to the windshield wipers at the rear. 

"Do you want to marry me?"

A few hours later, the 41-year-old sent a picture from the Dinopark in Germendorf, near Oranienburg. "Honeymoon days in OHV" it says in allusion to the Oberhavel district. She put a black heart behind the sentence. There was and is nothing to be seen of a spouse by her side. 

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By the way, Sarah Kuttner made the application herself, as she revealed in March of this year: "I’ll tell you how it is: I used #socialdistancing to ask if they want to marry me. And you want." Even then, her dog was present in the photo when the announcement was made.

Sources used: Instagram: Sarah Kuttner

A very young Stefan Raab took care of him "Look at it" caused a sensation with his ukulele mockery songs. In "Fast forward" presented Charlotte Roche music and armpit hair. And Heike Makatsch embodied in "Interactive" and "Heike’s house calls" the idol of all girlies. The fresh, weird music channel Viva started operations 20 years ago today. In our photo show we remember the most famous faces of music television and reveal what they are doing today.

"Viva was a new way of life for the younger generation and we were part of it", says presenter Aleksandra Bechtel (41), who was in front of the camera in the early years. Viva, that was an ambitious project by some German TV makers, initiated by the media company Time Warner. Together they wanted to counter the American broadcaster MTV. German music should also have its place – and thus be better marketed.

Fierce quota fight against MTV

On December 1, 1993, Viva started its first few minutes of broadcast time with a video clip by a German band – the Fantastischen Vier sang "Too cool for this world". The programs found their audience.

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