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Query results can create an alert or task for someone to investigate. Policies are not connected to agreements or business flows, although this may change in the future. “Business flows” map the movement of data through business processes such as reviewing a resume or onboarding a new customer. Users can document flows manually or let the system discover them in the data it collects during its scan of company systems. Users specify which items are used within a flow and the legal justification for using sensitive items. The system will compare this with the list of consent agreements and alert users if an item is not properly authorized.

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BigID will also alert process owners if a scan uncovers a sensitive new data item in a source system. The owner can then indicate whether the business flow uses the new item and attach a justification. BigID also uses the business flows to create reports, required by some regulations, on how personal data is used and with whom it is shared. These are interactions between the system and the people whose data it holds (“data subjects”). The main interactions are to gather consent when the data is collected and to respond to subsequent “data subject access requests” to view, update, export, or delete their data. Consent collection and request processing are distinct processes.

And while there’s no denying that our PCs and laptops have never been more useful, they’ve also never been so packed with important and sensitive information. We use cookies to understand site usage and to improve the content and offerings. BigID doesn’t directly control any data processing, so it can’t enforce privacy rules. But the alerts issued by the policy, agreement, and business flow components do help users to identify violations. Alerts can create tasks in workflow systems to ensure they are examined and resolved.

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The system also lets users define workflows to assess and manage a data breach should one occur. “Policies” let users define queries to find data in specified situations, such as EU citizen data stored outside the EU. The system runs these automatically each time it scans the company systems.

But they are certainly related and both require customer interactions. They are also where marketers are most likely to be directly involved in privacy programs. You can use incognito or private windows on your browser to eliminate your history. You can use Tor to completely eliminate browser records and avoid tracking. You can use a VPN to prevent anyone from being able to get at any Movie Maker of your data traffic. ZenGRC is a cloud-based solution that automates and simplifies privacy law compliance, getting you ahead when it comes to GDPR compliance audits. While out-of-the-box content for GDPR compliance gets you up and running in no time, we also give you the ability to take a holistic approach to managing evolving privacy laws .

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