We know these shoes: Princess Eugenie combined them with a dress in grass green

We know these shoes: Princess Eugenie combined them with a dress in grass green

Now the son of Queen Elizabeth II spends some secluded days in Spain – together with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Their daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, do not accompany their parents. 

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Fergie stands by Andrew

Fergie and Prince Andrew traveled to Malaga on a private jet on Wednesday afternoon. The British newspaper “The Sun” has photos of the two of them leaving the plane and being picked up from the airport by car. According to the report, Fergie wants to show everyone that she is standing by her ex-husband after files have emerged that link him to Jeffrey Epstein. The US billionaire is said to have built an illegal sex trade ring over the years. He was arrested in July and found dead in his prison cell last Saturday.

There are now allegations against Prince Andrew in published court files and photos. The Duke of York is said to have immorally touched Virginia Giuffre, who was then underage, in 2015. The two can be seen together in a photo. The Briton’s hand rests on the girl’s bare waist. The photo was taken in the London house of Epstein’s girlfriend at the time, Maxwell. 

“Categorically wrong”

Buckingham Palace described allegations that Andrew had sexual contact with minors through contact with Epstein as “categorically wrong”. Queen Elizabeth II demonstrated demonstratively at the side of her second eldest son on the way to church in Scotland. The royals traditionally spend their summer holidays there.

Prince Andrew and Fergie: love became friendship case of abuse Epstein: files also encumber Great Britain’s Prince Andrew Princess Eugenie: private couple photo and declaration of love to Jack

Andrew has now traveled from Scotland to Malaga. A source close to families told The Sun that the Duke of York had panicked because he was back in the headlines on the matter. “Fergie insisted on taking him on vacation to look after him and show the world that she was there for him.” She knows that she has to distract him and would do anything for him. 

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Her outfits are sold out within a very short time and the fashionistas are scrambling for the looks of Duchess Meghan. But hardly anyone would have thought that this princess was one of them.

Duchess Meghan’s development for a royal look

Photo series with 28 pictures

Whether dresses, pants, sunglasses, bags or shoes – what Duchess Meghan wears becomes a trend. The native American has a flair for fashion that goes down with Royal fans. Her casual style is loved, her out-of-bed hairstyle is celebrated and whenever Prince Harry’s wife shows herself in a new outfit, fashion fans have to be quick to catch one of the coveted pieces – and to the fashionistas this world probably also belongs to Princess Eugenie, who apparently copied something from Duchess Meghan. 

Duchess Meghan as a model for Princess Eugenie

But first things first: When Prince Harry and his bride announced their engagement, the former “Suits” actress in nude-colored Azzuro high heels stumbled in front of the press. Duchess Meghan combined a dark dress and a coat in cream. 

Please take a closer look: Duchess Meghan is performing her Azzuro pumps for the first time. (Source: imago)

Now Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson and Prince Andrew, has been spotted in the very shoes that Duchess Meghan once wore. The high heels, which cost the equivalent of around 470 euros, go perfectly with the bag in nude and the green dress that the bride-to-be made for an appointment in London. 

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We know these shoes: Princess Eugenie combined them with a dress in grass green. (Source: imago)

Wedding tips from Prince Harry and his Meghan?

But the 28-year-old doesn’t just seem to have taken inspiration from her cousin’s wife when choosing her shoes. When it comes to weddings, too, Princess Eugenie relies on an approach that Royal fans still know from Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s marriage. 

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Because when Princess Eugenie marries her fiancé Jack Brooksbank in October, fans can watch the couple’s wedding live. Just like the fairytale wedding of Harry and his Meghan.

Sources used: Daily Mail report on the shoes

Summertime is vacation time. Also for the royals. Before things get serious again in September, Kate and William take their children on vacation. It goes to a well-known goal.

The great happiness of Kate and William in the family

Photo series with 27 pictures

The Cambrigdes have long since found their favorite travel destination. Duchess Kate was previously with her parents on the Caribbean island of Mustique and turtled there with Prince William when they were newly in love. They now spend their family vacations here. So this year too. Just like in 2018, they are celebrating the birthday of their eldest son Prince George there.

The Cambridges are “creatures of habit”

They could enjoy their privacy incredibly well on Mustique, everything was very discreet and secluded, someone from the Royal Family told the British newspaper “The Sun”. In addition, they trust the staff in the accommodation and are simply “creatures of habit”. 

Now George will apparently spend his sixth birthday (July 22nd) with his parents and two younger siblings again on Mustique. The third in line to the British throne, first visited the island at the age of five months. 

Turquoise blue water, white sandy beach and lots of forest: the Caribbean island of Mustique. (Source: imago images / Frank Fischer)

Photo show: The great family happiness of Kate and William Graduation ceremony of the university: This is what Duchess Kate looked like 14 years ago From tennis legend: Duchess Kate receives a sweet present for Prince Louis

The Cambridges aren’t the only celebrities who regularly fly to Mustique, by the way. David Bowie, who owned a villa there, also appreciated the seclusion on the private island that belongs to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Princess Margaret, the younger and deceased sister of Queen Elizabeth II, also enjoyed spending time there. The Queen was on Mustique with Prince Philip in 1966, 1977 and 1985.

Sources used: The Sun: Kate Middleton and Prince William are ‘creatures of habit’ and will take the kids to Mustique for their summer holidays again, confirms royal insider (Eng.) Own research

On May 6, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan became parents for the first time. Is that the end of the planning for the next generation, or not? Primate researcher Jane Goodall asked the Queen’s grandson. 

The first pictures: This is Archie Harrison

Photo series with 10 pictures

Prince Harry conducted an interview with primate researcher Jane Goodall for the edition of the British “Vogue”, which his wife Meghan helped to create. But not only the royal had questions for the 85-year-old scientist, she also wanted to know something from him.

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When Harry indicated that he wanted to have offspring again, Goodall, who had been researching chimpanzee behavior since the 1960s, interrupted him: “Not too many,” she said. The 34-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth then declared: “Maximum two.”

“This place is borrowed”

The birth of his son Archie Harrison three months ago changed his view of the world. The topic of environmental protection is now even more important to him than it has always been the case anyway. He has always had a close connection to nature through the people he met, with whom he had dealings and the places he was allowed to visit. “I’ve always thought: this place is borrowed. We are so intelligent and sophisticated that we should be able to leave a better place for the next generation.”

Family tree of the British royals (source: t-online.de with material from Getty Images and dpa)

Royale Editor-in-Chief: Duchess Meghan may design “Vogue” magazine “Suits” colleague reveals: For Meghan “a dream has come true” “Lion King” premiere: Meghan and Harry on the red carpet

The conversation, which took place in Windsor, is part of the September issue of the fashion magazine “Vogue” with the title “Forces for Change”. Harry’s wife, Duchess Meghan, was a guest at the British newspaper -Editor-in-Chief with.

British behavioral scientist Jane Goodall with chimpanzees in 1990. (Source: imago images / United Archives)

In addition to the interview with Jane Goodall, other strong, prominent women appear in the issue under royal direction. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, actresses Salma Hayek and Jane Fonda, and 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, among others.

Sources used: dpaVogue news agency: HRH The Duke of Sussex Interviews Dr Jane Goodall For The September Issue (Eng.) Instagram profile of Sussex Royalmore sourcesshow less sources

On Remembrance Day, the royals again remembered the deceased armed forces since the First World War. While the Duchesses Camilla and Kate stood by the Queen’s side, Meghan had to follow the events from further away. 

The most beautiful pictures of the “Fab Four”

Photo series with 5 pictures

Remembrance Day, which has been celebrated in the Commonwealth of Member States since the end of the First World War, was celebrated again this Sunday. On this occasion, Meghan, Kate, Camilla or the Queen gathered on the balconies and watched from there as Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles stood in front of the monument in London’s government district and placed memorial wreaths. 

On two separate balconies 

Duchess Camilla and Duchess Kate each stood on one side of Queen Elizabeth. Only Duchess Meghan had to make do with another balcony. 

(Source: imago)

But contrary to what worried Royal fans had already speculated, this had nothing to do with the alleged disagreements between Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan. The British royals simply adhered to their hierarchies. 

That’s why Meghan was on another balcony 

Last year, an expert for the newspaper “People” said that there was no more room for three women on the balcony. Since Duchess Camilla and Duchess Kate are above Meghan in the hierarchy, they also have the privilege of a place next to the Queen this year. As early as 2018, when Duchess Meghan first attended the ceremony, she was standing on another balcony. At that time, the 100th anniversary of the Memorial Day was celebrated. The now 38-year-old stood at the side of the German First Lady Elke Büdenbender, the wife of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. 

Remembrance Day: This is how explosive meetings of the royals went. In comparison: Meghan is treated worse than other royals Duchess Meghan: The most beautiful looks in her pregnancy

This year, Duchess Meghan presented herself at the side of Countess Sophie von Wessex and Timothy Laurence. Two years ago, the Queen ordered that she no longer stood at the memorial herself and laid a wreath, but instead watched what was happening from the balcony. Instead, Prince Charles and his sons are now taking on this task. 

Sources used: People: See Meghan, Harry, Kate and William Join the Queen for Solemn Remembrance Day Ceremony (English) Express: Royal revelation: Why Meghan did not stand with Queen, Kate and Camilla on Remembrance Day (English) 

You did it again. The rapper Casper and the former GNTM candidate got married. The first pictures from the mega-event are now online. 

“Oops we did it (again)”, writes Lisa Volz under a picture on Instagram. She can be seen in the wedding dress at the side of her partner Casper. Previously there were rumors that the two had tied the knot in Las Vegas at the end of 2016. 

The 26-year-old wears a white boho wedding dress with a long veil in the photo. Her brown hair is tied up in a casual updo, the lush bouquet of flowers in pastel tones is particularly striking. Musician Casper said yes in a dark green modern suit and vest. Two horses are depicted on his red and yellow bow tie. 

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

Casper also posted photos from the wedding. He writes: “Yes, I do. Because your heart is wild, crazy and wonderful. I love you more than anything.” He put several pictures online for the declaration of love to his bride. The festival took place against a rural backdrop.